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Why Redwood Advertising?

Redwood Advertising offers clients quality pro-active solutions tailored to suit the brief and requirements on all TV advertising campaigns and Channels. Whether you are new to TV advertising or an established presence looking for a new approach, we at Redwood embellish in making TV work for you. TV magnifies clients Brand visibility and drives response supplying an accountable and targeted to achieve long-term business growth at low costs. SME’s choose Redwood Advertising as we work differently to our competitors so we can deliver genuine added value campaigns for our clients. Redwood Advertising is transparent offering a high level of enthusiasm to all clients no matter how small or large the budgets.

Redwood offer TV campaigns from as little as £3000 and production from £2000 so think again if you thought TV was expensive.

Redwood are not held to share deals. We can buy airtime on any channel allowing clients complete flexibility with budgets and allows us to trade effectively.

Redwood offer competitor and sector analysis as part of the pre-campaign journey this allows accurate media planning of your targeted TV campaign

Once you have committed to the campaign and channels, Redwood integrate the airtime schedule to ensure the best performance is programmed around the brief for the Clients product or service

Redwood work to secure the best airtime costs for clients and ensure your message reaches the chosen target audience in an effective and cost efficient way

We plan the campaigns to reach the number of viewers stipulated by the clients and refer continually to the scheduling to achieve this. A mix of varying spot lengths assists in achieving the reach and frequency during the campaign.

We deliver post campaign performance reports by day, week and month to support the ongoing activity. We offer complete schedule transparency and compare airtime activity with web traffic and tracking methods in place to prove the campaign success.

Year on Year every major advertiser agrees that TV is the most effective form of advertising; it generates the most profit, creates more sales and outperforms everything else.


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