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TV and Radio Advertising | A seamless journey

Our heritage is media buying for TV and Radio

At Redwood Advertising, we plan, negotiate, design, and place client advertising for television, radio and print. We work with all the major national and local tv and radio channels guaranteeing you efficient and effective exposure in line with the interests and demographics of your audience. Working across all platforms, we work hard to design joined up campaigns that truly influence buyer behaviour. We don’t do average — we’re an advertising agency with a clear vision: we care about our clients and their brands. By nurturing and growing together, we’re in it for the long haul.

If contemplating advertising or you just want to know more, then let’s start the journey and start the dialogue now.

The Brief and Client Objectives

Redwood Advertising invests time to get the brief and objectives accurately documented. This ensures media planning, and buying is effective. Having conducted preliminary competitor or product analysis, we discuss the commercial requirements and styling. Redwood insists good creative commercials as essential for their clients before committing to any plans for targeted radio or TV advertising. The communication of the commercial is critical for its success. A clear message or call to action with an offer or direct traffic to a client’s website is key to the measurement and success of airtime campaigns.

Redwood plans the media campaign to produce a media buying proposal that reaches your target audience in a cost-effective way. Redwood buy airtime campaign-by-campaign booking by A/B deadline which gives clients flexibility and program knowledge. The inventory schedule can be provided to clients ahead of campaign commencement and can be used effectively on social media to promote the commercials airtime spots.

We’d love to find out more about your goals and chat about all the advertising options available. Give us a call, send an email via our contact form or reach out to us on social media—we’ll be more than happy to help.

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Introducing Swag Bag


Every week we select a nominee from those names entered on our website and surprise them at their place of work with a SWAG BAG full of goodies from local businesses.

So far gifts have included free books, chocolates, wine, day trips out and spa treatments at premier venues across the south coast.

These have been donated by a range of amazing companies each recognising the benefit of care bags in the business community. In return we offer promotion via our SWAGGER magazine, through social media links, advertorial and a weekly radio campaign sponsored by Breeze radio.

If you would like your company to be involved and feel you can offer something that will bring a smile to someone in need please get involved by clicking the link or on social media by using the hashtag #swagger.

A novel and inspiring way to show you care for colleagues and friends in business.

Life’s journey travels across many emotional challenges; we enjoy moments of happiness, sadness, and share grief with family and friends, we support those around us on a daily basis with words or a just a simple smile. People who we do not know that share their stories on social media suddenly touch us, the radio and sometimes it reaches our TV screens their struggle for life.

TV Advertising

Understanding customer behaviour and the purchasing decision process is key to understanding why TV advertising is a great way to reach your target audience and influence the way they shop.  Influencing customer purchasing decision process Most households in

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Radio Advertising

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Out of Home Advertising

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Print Advertising

You may think there’s no benefit to newspaper advertising these days, with readerships having migrated online, circulation is in decline but there are still plenty of readers out there who still like to have a proper