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London Underground advertising offers brands multiple solutions to advertise to the millions of daily commuters. At Redwood, we offer Advice, Free Planning, and availability reports to suit all budgets.

From 96 Sheets down to the smaller tube carriage way posters we can provide amazing cost effective rates and solutions.

The London metropolitan population is 14 million and accounts for one quarter of all UK Businesses and the number one city in the world for innovation. The London Underground is the perfect platform to shout about your brand. Advertising on the Underground not only reaches a London-based audience, but those living outside of the city who in turn will communicate your message to their peers in the receptive regions. If you do not already know this I will let you into a little secret, all roads lead to Global. If you are shopping around for a media agency based on price, then don't!!! Choose an agency based on their intellectual buying skills to achieve the best ROI and meet your campaign KPI's. Stop the shopping and price matching, Global won't assist in media buying agency wars.

London Underground

Large format Advertising on the London Underground includes 96 Sheets, 48 Sheets and 16 Sheets.

These formats can generate unmissable messages and are great announcement vehicles. They bestow importance and credibility onto brands. While Dwell Sites explain your benefits and sell the concept with long copy ads that have enough time for consideration. Add a frequency format to your dwell time format in the London Underground and increase your campaign by 600%. Multiple touchpoints increase brand awareness and unprompted brand recall.

Icelolly at London Underground

London is the UK's largest Urban area and accounts for one-fifth of the UK's £1.5 trillion GDP.

Inspiration London Underground - Launch your brand on large format posters across the track to deliver credibility. People spend around 3 minutes on the platform engaging with cross track adverts and 13 minutes absorbing adverts in the London Undergroung Tube Carriages. 87% of commuters welcome advertising on the London Underground. The audience has the desire to engage with it, as it fills their 'dead' time. 82% of regular tubes users notice when posters are updated.

London Underground campaign costs

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat! in the London Underground

Drive the brand name home with high repition site on exit routes to aid point of sale. These coupled with some of the large format sites are a fantastic way to reach your London Underground Audience. We can't forget SCLEPS - otherwise know as Stairs, Corridors, Lifts, Escalator Posters are flexible and dynamic. The Digital estate enables brands to target specific audiences more effectively.

Advertising on the London Underground gives you direct access to an audience that is outgoing, affluent and talkative being a valuable target for any brand.

Global are the sole providers of Tube Advertising in London and proudly hold the contract with the Transport for London TfL and pride themselves on knowing more about the London audience than anyone else.

With 1 in 5 London Underground Tube users being ABC1 aged 15-34 tube advertising is a cost-effective way of targeting an audience that is normally very expensive to reach through TV Advertising. The London Underground commuters also have a much higher than average income with London's median salary 57% higher than the rest of the UK. The London Underground Audience is more 33% more likely than the average person to ab a conversation catalyst, resonating your campaign through word of mouth. The commuters spread the word fast with 94% of the daily London Underground users being GLC inhabitants. The average for the rest of the Transport for London TfL real estate is 79%.

The Transport for London TfL partnership includes all of the London Under and Overground, Tramline, Docklands Light Railway, Victoria Coach Station and once its live and operational Elizabeth Line Cross rail which opens up the opportunity to advertise to the 1.5 billion passengers each year.

What’s new on the London Underground?

Full motion digital video displays can be found across the TfL rail estate including the London Underground.

The digital assets include: DX3 Screens, D6 Sheets, D12 Sheets Digital Ribbons and DEP Screens and Digital Gateways. The engagement with digital advertising in a recent survey showed 60% of tube users notice when new ads appear on their journey and 65% feel the London Underground advertising is far less intrusive than other methods of advertising. In fact, full-motion ads can deliver 4 x higher engagement, we can measure that TfL users are highly engaged with full-motion ads by an average of 6.5 seconds more. We can confirm to brands that the London Underground will drive online traffic to your website. 2 in 5 commuters searching for a brand or category relating to the ads they had viewed on their journey and actually 1 in 8 had attempted to make a purchase or download a product relating to the advert they have viewed on their journey on the London Underground.

6 Sheet London Underground

The highest engagement zones for the London Underground are when people are on the move.

These are areas where people have increased the opportunity to see and engage with the ads whether they are the new digital format or traditional versions, and when they do, engagement is at its highest. Customers are seeing multiple messages through the environment, this boosts implicit processing which is ideal for forming unconscious opinions which will help persuasive messaging and brand building.

Corridors - 5 minutes walking along a London Underground corridor adverts are visible for 46% of the walk and commuters engage with brands during this time, then spending 3 minutes on the escalators 49% of the SCLEP’s are visible. However, the longest engagement zones are tube carriage and platforms. Where a single tube carriage journey can last 35 minutes and 27% of the time ads are visible and engaging with the audience. Large Ads on the Platform, however, are high impact and informative, they provide unmissable creative content at close proximity. The ads here can aid explicit processing which is ideal for rational messaging and driving direct response.

Multiple touchpoints allows different creative moments across the TfL rail estate.

Let’s recap on the key messages for engagement advertising with London Underground.

  • Engagement with ads is boosted 4 times with full-motion
  • Numerous opportunities for brands, with 100 ads viewed per day
  • Generate 40% uplift in emotional response with full motion in the mix
  • Access high and long engaging zones in this unique environment
  • Grow traffic to your site, with 1 in 4 searching for ads they engaged with
  • Ensure young, hard-to-reach audiences are engaging with your brand
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