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1. DNA

We found many local and regional companies were only seeking the large advertising agencies for their media planning and buying strategies. Unknown to them they are working with within restrictive share deals when buying media from the large London Agencies.

That’s why Redwood was formed to create and plan bespoke brand campaigns outside of restrictive constraints. With Redwood we get under the skin of our brands and we specialise in individually tailored cross media strategies that allows ambitions brands to grow in style.

2. Creative Journey

Once we have established your media goals, we can start preparing media plans.  In the meantime we introduce the creative professionals, with a variety of skills sets who can produce an amazing commercial.  This enables us to compliment these according to budget, discipline, knowledge and accumulated experience with individual client needs.

Whether you require a full storyboard, need complimentary videos, full tv adverts or digital animation we have a list of known and trusted providers who we have worked with over the years.

3. Planning

Now we begin transforming the brief into an effective media plan, matching your key objectives to our competitor and sector analysis based on official BARB viewing data.

We pinpoint opportunities for the most cost effective media combinations negotiating the best deals for your business. Media planning is crucial to the success of your TV Advertising campaign. Times of day, days of the week and programming on the regional channels are analysed to ensure a successful campaign is achieved.

4. Delivery

Once you have committed to the campaign and channels, Redwood integrate the airtime schedule to ensure the best performance is programmed around the brief for the Clients product or service for the best campaign delivery.

We deliver post campaign performance reports by week and month to support the ongoing activity. We offer complete schedule transparency and compare airtime activity with web traffic and tracking methods in place to prove the campaign success.

If you're considering Radio advertising then you're ready for BVOD. There is no entry level for advertising, with test campaigns from £500 per month.

What can we offer you?

Redwood Advertising offers clients quality pro-active solutions tailored to suit the brief and requirements on all TV advertising campaigns and Channels. Whether new to TV advertising or an established presence looking for a new approach, we at Redwood embellish in making TV work for you.

TV magnifies clients brand visibility and drives response supplying an accountable and targeted results to achieve long-term business growth at low cost. SMEs choose Redwood as we work differently to our competitors by delivering genuine added value campaigns for clients. Redwood Advertising is transparent offering a high level of enthusiasm to all clients no matter how small or large the budget.


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