Concerned About The R.O.A.S Of Your Current Campaign?

Maybe something went wrong before, during or after? Or all 3! Shall we both try to find where the smoking gun is?

Let's troubleshoot your existing TV Campaign.

Everyone will tell you that TV advertising is the biggest generator of ROAS. All the data supports that statement, so why doesn’t our TV campaign work? Just because you advertise on TV doesn’t mean it will work. Let’s look at some possibilities of why you are disappointed and how you may like to see your account handled in the future.

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BEFORE: Do your feel the creative brief matched your goals and target audience for the campaign?

The creative is the most important part of the TV Campaign, if the key message in the commercial does not engage with your target audience then STOP, back up the truck and let’s analysis the script, the offering and of course the call to action. Deliver creative that motivates your audience to take action, love your brand and buy from you. No one wants to advertise on TV just to shout about lovely you are (unless your Amazon!!) you want to earn money, lots of it to grow your company and increase your bottom line.

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BEFORE: Did the numbers stack up? Was it always going to be very very difficult to achieve a respectable R.O.A.S?

That leads on to the question “did the TV advertising campaign pay for itself, you broke even or did we even know how to measure its effects”. Before I even agree to starting a TV campaign with clients I use my ROAS calculator. I need a few simple details like how many days is the campaign live, the budget, whether it is DRTV or ALL time, then using my conversion tools I calculate a return. As you can imagine if we hit the red immediately then TV is not for you, it we break even or show a profit then yes it is worth the investment. We can never dismiss the fact that TV advertising impacts on other advertising channels, like we say in the footie TV assisted these channels hit the target. Interested? Let’s see how your company’s ROAS stacks up.

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DURING: You have had very little communication since going live.....

Starters orders and we’re off. The campaign went live and we can all retire!!!!. Now it gets interesting. We have worked out all the details of the campaign, so we know what are the best converting channels, best times of day and the best days of the week for your target audience so it must be time to put my feet up. That sounds great but in reality this is where I get stuck in. With DRTV, our software is reporting the activity on your website and can match this to within 15 minutes of an advert airing. I can easily build up a picture to reinforce my early predictions of channel choice, but if it not delivering out as predicted, let’s evaluate what is working and make those changes to get the best from your TV spend. The traffic department’s at the sales houses are going to hate me, but I don’t care. What’s working we want more of, what is not working let’s have a look why and make changes if necessary. Daily analysis and communication is the key once we are live, so the more data and information applied we are more informed to make those decisions. I say WE as it’s you and me and not a royal WE.


This must be sounding very familiar, as I thought all agencies appoint a key manager to handle your TV account, contact you daily and be on hand for any emergencies. Well I am, I like to work within your team, your brand and your companies plans for growth. If you grow your business and spend more on TV, then I grow with you. This enables me to add your budget to the millions I already book with the sales houses and guess what, it gives me the POWER. The same buying power as the top agencies but instead you get to work with me and just me. Incase you are not convinced, here’s my mobile so why not give me a call 07810876245.

AFTER: Normally, 2 weeks after the campaign ends, you receive a reconciliation for each sales house activity. This is important..... >>>

It’s a rap. It worked and we can all retire again. This retiring bit is getting boring now. I want to start my reporting analysis. I have the final spot schedule, the final CPT’s and audiences so it is time to reconcile each sales house delivered all the budget. If I am buying your TV campaign, it is my responsibility to ensure it is delivered, any shortages we can add to the next campaign, any over deliveries well we can see how we work on those. Our tracking software reporting identifies the number of leads and goals so we know it has worked, now you must be flush with cash and ready to do it all again.

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AFTER v2.0

What was that all about? Before you know it you have cut out the middle man and the way the big agencies use specialist buyers which could means it saved you money. Your campaign was handled better, with complete transparency, achieved better results as there was more attention and focus in you and your company and above all, I can sleep at night knowing I gave everything.

I am ready to put your TV campaign back on track. I'm the better alternative to what you currently have.

Drop me your details below and I'll call you back.

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