Sky AdSmart: Five Years & Forward Advertising Update

The following paper delivers insights collated from five years of learnings into the UK addressable TV market through Sky’s AdSmart technology. Data is obtained through Sky Media and third-party research partners BVA BDRC, Differentology and Affectiva including ground-breaking facial coding and emotion analytics.

The paper also looks at the wide range of categories and brands that have used AdSmart and celebrates passing 1000 businesses who have used TV for the first time because of AdSmart. The paper also covers the expansion onto the Virgin platform meaning a 40% reach of UK households and looks at opportunities and developments in the AdSmart proposition with Jamie West – Director of Strategy & Capability, Sky Media.

Sky Media and Virgin Partnership
Sky AdSmart Sky Media

In the last five years, we have been on a journey to make TV advertising more relevant to more brands. Addressable TV has made huge strides in making it as easy as possible for brands
to advertise on TV. There has been an explosion in targeting capabilities that enable businesses to focus on outcomes with an exceptional return rate. Smaller and niche businesses as well as some of the biggest brands in the world are harnessing the power of Addressable TV and we’re able to prove it’s working too. With the introduction of our Sky Analytics portal brands can now have quicker access to the plan, report, and evaluate the campaigns in greater detail – putting them further in control of their advertising.

Sky AdSmart Channels

In the next five years, there is a massive opportunity for growth. Addressable is set to accelerate way beyond where it is today to be a regular and stable part of every planners’ choice for marketing. At Sky Media, we are focused on building greater reach – we have a clear line of sight to reach in excess of 60% of UK households.  Addressable TV is set to make it even easier for brands to transact. The ambition is to provide a self-serve portal for local businesses and SME advertisers who may be new to TV. Moreover, advertisers can rest assured there are almost zero risks to TV advertising. Meanwhile, digital platforms like YouTube and Facebook have proven in recent years that the brand values of advertisers on their platforms can be thoroughly undermined. Addressable combines the brand fame that TV advertising brings, as well as its safety and the ability to target with minute accuracy.

Sky AdSmart Tv Advertising

Our long-term ambition is mass household reach across multiple countries. With the current rate of change, a world where we have a fully automated system where agencies and advertisers can book from their systems and measure on an ongoing and live basis is within reach.

The Key themes for Addressable TV in the future are:

1. Something for everyone
2. Addressable now in the mainstream
3. Absolute brand safety
4. AdSmart as the gold standard of addressable TV 5. Opportunities for media agencies and SME’s

1000 businesses have used TV for the first time because of Sky AdSmart.


Sky AdSmart Tv Advertising

The research shows a 48% reduction in channel switching which attributed to a 20% increase in purchase metrics for new brands to TV.

It’s time to find out how Sky AdSmart can be part of your above-the-line advertising,

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