Is the ITV Hub for you: It is with Audience Plus

For the first time ITV audiences can now download their favourite shows and take them with them wherever they go with the ITV Hub+, the ad-free subscription service. The ITV Hub mobile app has been downloaded on over 23 million devices across the country.

The power of catch up

By gathering this data from the app download, ITV now has the information required to serve commercials to a target audience.

ITV Hub Audience Plus uses targeting technology to offer advertisers a unique ability to deliver commercials to a precise audience. Linking data with Experian ITV can now offer options across a range of demographic profiles. From Mosaic, Finance, Location, Lifestyle, Composition, House, Vehicle, and Custom, with over 400 combinations available ITV Hub allows precise audience targeting.

The ability to talk directly to our audience has reached new heights – with over 17 million people registered to the ITV Hub, including more than half of Britain’s 16-24s. ITV now routinely speak directly to individual viewers using both email and mobile push notifications

The argument ‘for’ ITV Hub – Come on in!

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The ITV Hub now allows advertisers to target post code regions, age, lifestyle, demography, and gender as well as key programmes. They can be sure that their intended audience has viewed their adverts with the added value of a click to the website.

Seamless Integration

The viewer won’t notice anything different when watching, and adverts are served and slotted into breaks without altering viewing experience. Guaranteed Impacts Adverts are served when the intended audience is watching, high-end programmes that attract mass audiences on the Hub Meaning an advertiser can select ITV channels or programmes relevant to their product or service. We can interrogate the data, profile, and TGI the information and present an informed answer to advertising requirements.

Fewer interruptions

With shorter ad breaks in general people are suffering less advertising fatigue, the Hub only displays a maximum of 5 thirty-second ads.

The argument ‘against’ ITV Hub


ITV Hub is sold on cost per impression which changes based on the audience profiles selected, as a result costs can be higher however you have to weigh this up against possible better engagement.

No Positive Wastage

ITV Hub is a superb medium because of how it broadcasts messages to the masses and can influence audiences that you might not have initially identified as the target for your brand.

Live Broadcasts Only

There’s a shift in viewing towards VoD and catch-up TV, ITV Hub has identified this shift and over 17million have already downloaded or signed up to the ITV Hub.

Advertising on the ITV Hub
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