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People do so much more than just watch television. They talk about it, shout about it, debate over it, love it, hate it—and most importantly, they interact and respond to it. The UK is a nation of TV lovers; it’s a huge part of our lives and it really, truly matters.


The most effective form of advertising is Television Advertising

Every major tv advertising study conducted over recent years agrees that TV is the most efficient form of advertising. It generates the most profit, creates more sales and outperforms everything else. With 65% more channels since 2004, according to recent research by Thinkbox, the average person in the UK watched 650 hours of TV in the first half of 2015 alone. In fact, TV accounts for a whopping 48% of the typical person’s chosen media.

When it comes to building scale, no other type of advertising delivers such large audience figures in such a short space of time. Television is a high impact medium, delivering immediacy, mass coverage, flexibility movement and spot by spot accountability. Furthermore, TV advertising ensures that your message reaches your chosen target audience in an effective and cost-efficient way, that’s proven to deliver the most profit per pound compared to any other advertising medium.


Why Redwood Advertising for your next TV Campaign?

Redwood Advertising offers clients quality pro-active solutions tailored to suit the brief and requirements on all TV advertising campaigns and Channels. Whether new to TV advertising or an established presence looking for a new approach, we at Redwood embellish in making TV work for you. TV magnifies clients brand visibility and drives response supplying an accountable and targeted results to achieve long-term business growth at low cost. SMEs choose Redwood as we work differently to our competitors by delivering genuine added value campaigns for clients. Redwood Advertising is transparent offering a high level of enthusiasm to all clients no matter how small or large the budget.


Why choose TV?

  • TV is the best profit generator
  • TV has unbeatable scale and reach
  • We’re watching more TV than ever before
  • TV is the most talked about medium both on and offline
  • All TV ads are response ads
  • TV is the catalyst for other media
  • TV builds fame


If you want to make an impact and reach huge targeted numbers, then TV advertising might just be the way to go. And the best bit, TV advertising is much more accessible than you think and not just for national brands.


“TV advertising delivers an average return of £1.79 for every £1 spent, well above other media, and is more effective now than ever.”

Ebiquity, ‘Payback 4’, 2014


Thinking of considering TV Advertising campaign then contact Redwood for a free consultation by using the contact form on the website or give us a ring today.

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