When is an agency not an agency?

When they are an expert media buyer with heaps of experience and a ton of aggression.

Watch out sales houses! Me and my clients demand respect and of course the best rates in town!

I am a bit of a Rottweiler when it comes to TV pricing.

advertising on a shoestring budget

The Past

A retail background which stems back to the 80’s ouch that makes me sound old, well no shame in admitting I am 56 years old next birthday, 29th July if you intend sending gifts. Worked at B&Q head office with the operations director during the largest expansion time for the company. Fun times spending most of my days working on store openings and then hopping onto a helicopter with the Director to attend the store opening. Write up a detailed report for the in house magazine - Talking Shop and then onto the next store opening. Involved in board level reports across the departments which gave me a real insight into how companies work and how a brand grows.

customer persona

The more recent past

I took all of what I learned and applied it to my husbands family retail business. We grew the business from 7 sites to 30 and then decided it was time to go staff less. My husband and his brother decided bricks and mortar were the way forward and started a residential and commercial lettings company. I took over a marketing company and got my taste for buying power early on in 2000. I quickly learnt that if you had a big client with big budgets, you could demand the right prices. On some occasions we were the anchor for that sales house to use to bring on other advertisers. You could say I well and truly had the buying bug.

My life...

The last 20 years have been full of ups and downs. My three children grew up and I was no longer needed as a daily Mum, now I am just the occasional what’s for dinner mum and have you washed my shirt I am going out now. I am super proud of my children, one on them is on the Dean’s list at UCL and doing a PHD at Cambridge, one on them is on the European Golf Tour and the little one just starting life to train as a teacher. Proud mummy moment over, back to clients.

But it's not about me, this is about you....

Clients grew, were bought and new clients grew and sold out. Some clients wanted to stay just as they are and I still buy regional, seasonal campaigns for them which is perfect. Of that I have to say I work with an exceptional bunch. Being a better alternative means you are part of their team, an insider as opposed to an outsider. Offering a wealth of experience, expertise being able to identify a bargain, a distressed property, a really good deal and present it right in front of the decision makers. I approach every campaign as if the budget was coming out of my pocket. I ask myself all the questions before making clients aware of the opportunities. If I would not spend the money why would I ask you too. My life now is my work, my home, my family, my down time. Loving what you do is the key and it never feels like a job. I meet so many new clients who share their experiences of bad advertising campaigns so don’t fall into that trap and going with the big guys. Give the one man bands a go, we have your back, we approach every campaign with the same strategy - this has to work or don’t do it.

Are you ready to give it a go?

Let's cross that line and jump into the world of advertising your brand on TV. TV works it’s something else that didn’t. So whether you are new to TV, experienced or looking for a fresh approach to measuring how effective a campaign can be, rest assured I pour all my resources and experience in to your campaign whatever the budget.

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