Ad Messenger: A great way to solve the advertising challenge of an increasingly mobile world

Small screens need simple solutions. Thats why we created Ad Messages. Ad Messages solve the challenges of mobile advertising.

So how does it work?

As an agency, we want to create simple solutions: Ad Messages is a great way to solve the challenge of advertising in an increasingly mobile world.

  • Easy to read on a small screen
  • Impactful without being intrusive
  • They’re engaging – 1-1.5% CTR 3x the average banner
  • Low file size means quick load and light on data
  • Real time – set up and make changes quickly
  • Quick to create – no design agency required
  • Fixed CPI means guaranteed impressions
  • That’s why we’ve created AdMessages…

AdMessages solve the challenges of mobile advertising:

  • They stand out
  • They’re easy to read
  • They work on a small screen
  • They’re non-invasive, which means they are less irritating to the user
  • They deliver brand impact
  • They can be time sensitive

Where consumers have moved to mobile, businesses haven’t quite got there!

  • 60% of ads identified as purchase influencers were viewed on a mobile
  • 69% of consumers expect business to be within 5 miles reach of their location
  • 79% of consumers use their smartphones to research.
Ad Messenger

So maybe at this point you’d like to learn more about Ad Messenger and how it can help your business?

No need to worry, because Redwood Advertising’s expertise in the complicated industry of media and advertising is sure to intelligently steer you in the right direction.

First of all please download our information factsheet and then contact us to learn more on how we tailor campaigns to your audiences phones.

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