Radio advertising – On air and on target


Radio advertising is an active medium capable of stirring emotion, creating demand and successfully selling your products and services. After all, when your ad is on air, you can guarantee that you are front and center of your listener’s mind and have their full attention.


Central to people’s lives

Radio is 24/7, reaching over 92% of people age 12 and over every single week and a staggering 68% daily, which allows a more specific approach than TV; thanks to the diversity of programming, radio can target specific audiences due to the variety of stations available—so you can hone in on narrow target groups and speak selectively to consumers you want to reach.

The best part, radio continues to be central to people’s lives and provides a loyal audience with an existing emotional connection. People trust radio and become emotionally attached to their favourite stations, programmes, and presenters —and this intimate relationship means you benefit from low ad avoidance in a completely uncluttered environment.

Everybody knows adverts are more effective when they remind people of brands they already know at the right time. So combined with other forms of advertising such as TV, radio advertising can result in a multiplier effect of more than 100%, increasing campaign efficiency six-fold.


Why choose radio?

  • Reach consumers at the time and location of purchase—in store or online
  • Radio is less expensive to buy than most major media
  • Audio stimulates a different part of the brain
  • Radio increases recall of TV ads
  • Regional structure means brands can focus on key marketing areas
  • Radio is proven to drive consumers to advertisers’ websites
  • Radio listeners have a low level of ad avoidance


Put simply, radio advertising drives response, so if you want to target a specific audience with an existing emotional connection, don’t wait any longer.


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