The power of print advertising


You might think that the news-thirsty, digital population of today’s world are only interested in access to instant online articles and real-time news feeds rather than traditional newspapers and magazines.


The physical process of reading

While it’s true that newspapers are now complimenting their websites and circulations have declined, it still doesn’t detract from readers who want to experience the touch and feel of a newspaper. Because the physical process of reading a newspaper or magazine isn’t a passive one, readers have already made a conscious decision to engage with content.

What does that mean for advertisers? You still generate great responses from newspaper advertising as long as it’s priced accordingly and planned effectively.

At Redwood Advertising, we pride ourselves on our expertise in newspapers and publishing. After all, print advertising is where it all began. With contacts nationwide, we have a deep understanding of the market and offer highly competitive rates throughout multiple markets.

Why choose print advertising?

  • Print ads offer permanence that isn’t available via TV or online
  • The ‘halo effect’ means products are automatically credible
  • Print ads generate the best results across the purchase funnel
  • Readers have already chosen to engage
  • Print ads are a great way to solidify brand identity
  • Targeted marketing with specialist magazines


So if you thought print is dead, it’s time to think again. In fact, in the case of newspapers, 79% of readers respond in some way to the advertisements they see, such as clipping coupons, visiting websites or making purchases.

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