Calais Tourist Board TV Advert

Calais Tourism undertook a brave venture to bring life and people back to Calais. Wanting to dispel bad press and tv coverage of the refugee camps, we descended on Calais to film their television advertisement.

A three day shoot including the Major Of Calais was filmed across the amazing city. The Major wanted to invite tourists back to the area and enjoy its beautiful surroundings.

Put together with an amazing offer; we scheduled out a targeted campaign on ITV South Coast. The offer is giving the opportunity for 1000 people to travel on coaches to Calais for free.

The campaign launched in solace on ITV South Coast and within the first 24 hours of airing over 1500 people had signed up for the opportunity of a visit to Calais. This exceeded their target of 1000 people immediately and went on to over 2000 engagement over the duration of the campaign.

  • Start with good creative
  • Include an amazing offer for engagement
  • Work with your media agent to schedule out an airtime schedule
  • Launch with other social platforms to support the airtime
  • Push and measure traffic and responses to website or DDI for calls to action
  • Evaluate the daily engagement and record information for the future – best converting programmes, best times of day, most popular days of engagement

We are delighted!
We reach today approximately 2000 people registered on the thousand people we will then select. This is very good news for us and our operation.

Emeline at Calais Tourist Office
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