ITV Backing Business initiative is to help Britain's businesses get back on track.  ITV is working alongside businesses as a partner. ITV has been supporting

At Redwood Advertising it's not normal for us to shout about who we work with.  But we are excited to shout about the Backing

What is cheap when referring to TV Advertising costs?  You pay for what you get.  If you are looking for a large audience then

Before making the decision for which type of TV Advertising is right for your brand you need to make a few considerations.  Do you

Advertising on Sports Channels or around key events enables brands to be seen by a massive fans based audience.  Live sports broadcasts attract millions

When it comes to advertising on TV in the UK, TV advertising wins every time for return on investment.  The channel mix is extensive.

What are the Barriers to TV Advertising?  In theory, there are no barriers, just a lack of information available to give brands the knowledge

Are you ready for TV Advertising? At what point should the move into TV be considered? TV can be introduced at any budget.  If you