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Use snowing exposure to influence buyer behaviour

Strategically planned outdoor advertising

Strategically planned outdoor advertising campaigns powerfully drive the buying behaviour of your target audience: increase store footfall and generate hits on your website or Call Centre enquiry lines – using a ‘snowing’ approach; this is when repeated marketing messages are drip-fed to consumers using a mix of media – including posters, bus rears, billboards and shopping mall installations – in carefully selected locations.


This joined-up approach to outdoor advertising enables your brand to enjoy continuous exposure – using creative and highly influential advertising campaigns – to cement your logo and product offering in consumers’ minds, and tempt them into action.


According to Outsmart, 92% of shoppers surveyed reported that they had seen an outdoor media advertisement within half an hour of purchase. And 82% of those shoppers said their purchase has been a spur of the moment decision based purely on an ad they’d seen. So when you compare these figures to the 4% associated with press advertising and 36% from radio, there really is no better medium.

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Nicky Matthews is our hands on marketer with over 20 years experience in business marketing. As well as this she’s set up and sold a mail order limited company and chaired a local national award winning children’s charity. She likes barefoot boogies and yoga on the beach, guess she’s really a hippy chick at heart.

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