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Harry and Megan interview

The ITV Hub is the online video on demand service accessible across over 34 platforms from Sky Go to Playstations.

Advertising on the ITV hub enables brands to reach unique audiences who prefer to consume TV content on their own timetables.  ITV Hub is like ITV’s engine room.  ITV pumps content from every channel ITV1 to ITV4, ITVbe, and shows across connected TV and mobile devices.  Viewers can sit back and enjoy at a simple click.  Nearly 710 hours of TV are watched on the VOD platform per year across 32.5 million registered users, it’s home to a loyal and captive audience.  Your brand lives here?

What is VOD video on demand advertising?  The numbers speak for themselves, VOD advertising has the power to make your brand famous.  ITV Hub targeted advertising allows you to use the UK’s biggest commercial VOD service to get in front of your customers of today and tomorrow.  When it comes to VOD advertising the numbers are imports so here are a few to help you understand where VOD sits across the video consumption.  70% of broadcaster video on demand BVOD takes place in the living room and in 2019 BVOD grew by over 30%.


It is evident that BVOD works as one show managed to dwarf sport.  Oprah’s interview with Megan and Harry the consolidated ratings attracted 14.8 million viewers, which is the biggest audience of any day since England V Croatia in the 2018 World Cup semi-final.  An incredible 12.4 million watched on the night itself, capturing 83% of the available 16-34 audience and with 2.2 million streaming the show on ITV HUB.  With so much choice across the channels, VOD is everywhere.  Whether your traveling, during a lunch break, or in the living room, BVOD is helping people to watch more of what they love – TV.

Target with precision as there are various ways to use the ITV hub.  Target your chosen audience and build a bigger picture of who they are and what they like on TV.  ITV Hub compliments your linear TV advertising campaign which delivers incremental reach to your channel mix.  Create a powerful connection with customers and drive awareness, deeper brand recognition, and familiarity by aligning your campaign around the most popular shows for your target audience.  Leverage powerful digital data across TV content V first-party data across 32 million users with additional insight from data partners. Finally, data match allows smarter TV targeting on the ITV hub using your data combined with the millions of registered users.

ITV Hub advertisers can target more accurately than ever before, it’s time to unlock the potential to reach new audiences.  Speak with our BVOD experts today at Redwood.



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