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Why would we be interested in what the Modern TV family looks like?  Well, the Modern British family accounts for over 7 million households in the UK with the average family size 2.7 which is down -45 from 2006.  These changing family trends are down to a Rise in Multi-Generational Families(living longer), the Rise of the Singleton Society and the Rise of the Alpha Mother.  All facts provided by Neilson, Touchpoints4, Mintel and BARB so why report this information to companies looking to grow their brand on TV.  It’s a simple answer, we now know more about the demographic audience than ever before.  Knowing more helps us plan and schedule effect TV campaigns.

Parents and Grandparents are more and more tech-savvy consumers.  Kids are literally Facebook’d from Birth, we know more and more about how consumers shop and engage and can target this behaviour but one thing is very clear the TV is still King in the modern family home.  The average viewing hours are still growing and quote from Lindsey Clay Chief Exec at Thinkbox ” TV advertising works and it works better than anything else, and it works for ALL BUDGETS.  Nothing else has TV’s reach and scale and connection with audiences; no other form of advertising is as trusted. Online businesses, in particular, recognise the impact TV Advertising has and have significantly increased their investment recently.  This is something that will continue”.

Strong evidence surrounds this with a recent online retailer from DYHS (  Anna Montana’s Angelika Magic Stretch jeans appeared on ITV Lorraine show with Mark Heyes ITV, quoting they are a perfect fit.  Over 400 pairs were sold online within hours and have continued to sell at a staggering rate on back order.  Without the ITV coverage, the retailer would have struggled to sell that many in a year let alone a few hours.  Maybe time to consider some product placement! or Help reshape the high street  (is that for another blog?)




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Karen Brar has been a media buyer for over 15 years, negotiating excellent rates for TV, radio and advertising production. She’s a people organiser who loves intelligent client development. Prior to this her family worked in retail growing their operation from 3 to 30 shops so Karen appreciates the operational coal face and brings uses this knowledge to help clients achieve business success.

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