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It’s no surprise to Redwood Advertising that the ITV Coverage map page is the most visited on our website.  Of course, it is.  We are specialists in regional advertising to work with startups and to build brands.  We start regionally and build out to other local and regional areas.  We plan, test and evaluate just like eat drink sleep repeat so we get it right.  Well now ITV Breakfast is regional.  Not quite on the same scale as ITV main channel but in small enough regions to make it affordable.

As we know Breakfast is the most important meal of the day guess what – so it watching breakfast TV.  New research from ITV Breakfast (courtesy of Thinkbox, BARB, Viewback, YouGov and Creative Orchestra) we now know more about Breakfast habits.  The traditional view is that women are the key decision makers when it comes to household products.  We set out to shatter this myth and found that 85% of consumer purchases are made or influenced by – you guessed it WOMEN across multiple categories and not just FMCG products.  We believe that ITV Breakfast is the perfect environment to reach this highly engaging and influential audience.

If your brand is now looking to reach this amazing demographic of highly influential women then here are a few facts for you.  We like, remember and understand advertising more in the morning.  ITV Breakfast reaches 2.5 million Women daily and is the Biggest and only commercial channel at Breakfast time so what are you waiting for?


Here’s a sneak peek of the macro-regions.


ITV Breakfast Macro regions

Time to come onboard with Regional ITV Breakfast advertising – make that call and say hello for a no-obligation quote.

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