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What makes Sky AdSmart so different from other TV Advertising Campaigns?  It’s a UK First where SKY AdSmart can serve tv commercials to different sky households while watching the same programme. How can this be?  Find out more and contact us for a free quote.

Sky AdSmart is a revolutionary approach to how companies can advertise their brand to a TV Audience.  Businesses of all shape and sizes can benefit from this way of targeting.  With Sky AdSmart different brands can be advertised to different households watching the same programme.  This means that companies and brands can now advertise on national channels but only to their chosen audience.  There are thousands of combinations to choose from when looking at your target audience.  We can use your own companies data and mosiac profile this to create a target audience.  We can then dismiss the email data who may already be customers or include them and create lookalike campaigns across the local regions or network across the nation.  Either way, we can be very targeted in making sure your brand message is delivered to your target audience who will naturally engage. If you do not have company data we can discuss your target audience and select a campaign based on factors like age, location, lifestyle, do they have a dog or a cat or both!  The data is derived from a combination of Sky’s own data and the information from Experian.   By allowing advertisers to cherry pick an audience allows brands of any size to reach their target audience without wastage.


Is Sky AdSmart right for your brand?

Do you want to grow your business using the most effective form of advertising?  Do you want to target your most relevant audience?  Are you looking to advertise to a region or drill down to target postcodes only?  Do you want to increase sales and or brand awareness?  Do you want to stand out against competitors and other local companies?  Do you want your brand to be talked about on a national scale?  Do you want to only pay for adverts when they are viewed?   If you can answer Yes to any of these then it’s time to chat.

Below is a list of the Sky Owned Channels that your brands’ TV Advert will appear in.


SKY AdSmart Tv Channels


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