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Integrated advertising campaigns are most effective when a message is delivered seamlessly across a series of channels.  Combining your TV advertising slots with digital ads on the London underground can target the commuter traffic as well as in their homes.  We can define a strategy that unifies your message to consumers wherever they are and at whatever time.  The retail environment whether B2B or B2C our audience is tech-savvy and will check prices while in-store, with our knowledge of the customer journey and mindset we try to create engagement that leads to a completed sale.  Whatever the size of your Tv Advertising campaign we can create customer engagement to showcase your brand.  We care about our clients’ their challenges, Tv campaigns and focus on the real audience which means our clients stay with us longer than the industry average.  Staying independent, it allows us to be different, we stay small and agile so we can constantly refine the client’s goals.

It’s no secret that simply making TV ads doesn’t equal brand success; TV ads have to be placed strategically in front of the right audiences at the right time. You also know that in this day and age, TV advertising isn’t what it used to be. There’s more competition than ever, more consumers with niche interests to cater your message to, and more means by which to reach them. In many ways it’s a revolutionary time with great opportunity to be inventive, tactical and dynamic; in other ways, it’s daunting, overwhelming, and competitive.

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Karen Brar has been a media buyer for over 15 years, negotiating excellent rates for TV, radio and advertising production. She’s a people organiser who loves intelligent client development. Prior to this her family worked in retail growing their operation from 3 to 30 shops so Karen appreciates the operational coal face and brings uses this knowledge to help clients achieve business success.

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