How TV Advertising Influences Customer Purchasing Decisions

purchasing decision process

Understanding customer behaviour and the purchasing decision process is key to understanding why TV advertising is a great way to reach your target audience and influence the way they shop.

 Influencing customer purchasing decision process

Most households in the UK have more than one TV. In fact, many have a TV in almost every room of the house to accommodate the different viewing preferences of the 21st century family in line with the huge choice of channels available. Whether it’s a generous wall mounted TV in the lounge, TVs in every bedroom, a flip down TV in the kitchen or an indulgent condensation-free TV in the bathroom, the need and enthusiasm for watching TV shows no signs of abating.

That’s where TV advertising comes into its own, allowing you to maximise this captive audience by getting your message and products in front of the very audience you’re targeting. Whether that’s during the morning, afternoon, evening or peak viewing times on a national or regional scale.

 Benefiting from an always-on mobile society

The way we shop is majorly influenced by the internet and how we access it. According to the Office of National Statistics, 75% of UK adults use a mobile device or smartphone to access the internet on the go.

Not only does this enable us to connect with friends and discuss what’s happening in real time whilst viewing our favourite TV programmes, but it also makes it incredibly easy to check out products featured in the ad breaks.

Whether it’s researching items and checking out product reviews before buying on or offline, or making that all important purchase online, the fact that we can access this information anywhere and at any time has changed our behaviour as customers and how we make purchasing decisions.

‘In 2016, more than three quarters (77%) of adults reported buying goods or services online in the last 12 months.’

So, if your customers happen to be watching TV and your advert catches their eye, they’re more likely to pick up their smartphone or mobile device and instantly access your brand online to find out more about your services or products. And the impulsive may even make a purchase there and then.

 Combining TV advertising with social

Did you know that recent research from Twitter has revealed that tweets from friends recommending a product were more influential than those of influencers? Twitters’ survey found that, ‘56% of consumers sought guidance from their friends.’ By combining your TV advertising with social media campaigns your customers can join the conversation online and share product recommendations with their friends. So, why not encourage viewers to engage with you on social by including a hashtag or by mentioning your brand is also on Twitter and Facebook etc in your TV advert?


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