TV Advertising In Budget or Out of Reach?

While national TV advertising spend is normally out of new start-ups budget, advertising on local broadcaster stations is ideal for new entrepreneurs.  It’s not so hard to buy TV schedules because no matter what your demographic your audience falls into, we can find the appropriate programming on a series of networks.  Our skill set is to help startups crack TV Advertising first time and on budget.  Getting your brand on TV remains a game changer.  It remains top of the list when it comes to advertising.  Let us reassure you it is not as costly as you first may think.  If you are now wanting impact and scale TV advertising is the medium you will need – make that move and start your enquiry.

Ad-skipping – surprisingly to most when we mention over 80% of all TV viewers DO NOT SKIP the ads and also prefer watching live TV as opposed to the video on demand.  TV stands up to this criticism as the cost per visit, cost per sale and any other metrics attached to the TV Campaign reach a large audience simultaneously.  TV Advertising campaigns are a lot less than you think.  A test campaign budget could start at around £30K for a three to four week period and will really allow us to gauge what does and doesn’t work.  It’s important to track and measure all campaign factors like days of the week, times of day and programmes.  Is TV  advertising right for you?  If you are growing your business, TV Advertising is a great way to scale.  We can monitor the ads hourly, daily and weekly tweaking the schedule during the campaign to ensure the best return.  There are a lot of preconceived barriers, misconceptions about the budget that will put off many businesses.  We at Redwood Advertising are completely transparent and work with you to show how much the campaign is costing with no hidden extras or retainer fees.    We share updates and reports with you during the campaign and post-campaign once consolidated.    It is great if a company already has the cost per visitor or phone call generated on existing channels like facebook, ad words, radio, OOH and google shopping.  This way we can show the potential that TV offers, the TV campaign can be scheduled to deliver an equivalent or lower cost per visit or call.  Once we prove this then you know you are ready to commit to a TV budget.


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Karen Brar has been a media buyer for over 15 years, negotiating excellent rates for TV, radio and advertising production. She’s a people organiser who loves intelligent client development. Prior to this her family worked in retail growing their operation from 3 to 30 shops so Karen appreciates the operational coal face and brings uses this knowledge to help clients achieve business success.

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