Beginners Guide to TV Advertising

Regional Guide to TV Advertising

So let’s squash all beliefs right now that you can’t afford to advertise your brand on TV. Advertising on TV is getting less and less expensive year on year and in fact it’s now 30% less than 10 years ago (Neilson 2016). I can hear you now want to know more.

With so many channels and choices available on a national scale, ITV1 and C4 still have regional offerings for you to test your brand on TV. Let’s get started on your journey to getting your brand on air in 5 easy steps.

What are your goals and expectations for your brand?

First we start the coffee machine, get the chocolate biscuits out and an ipad to start the discussion. We need to work with you, understand your brand DNA and really work out want you want to achieve from your advert….. If you’re a new brand you may want to raise awareness and let the audience know what sets you apart from your competitors. You may have a sale, or special offer you want to promote to your local region and attract new customers or switch them from a rival to your brand. From the start we create the right strategy to deliver a compelling memorable creative whether you are new to TV or a lapse brand.

It’s all about the Creative Message!

Every successful campaign starts with the getting the creative spot on. We spend time scripting ideas to make your commercial memorable and entertaining to get your message across to your target audience. Your commercial is your brand’s exposure to TV viewers and we make sure it’s highly effective, impactful and promotes your offering to your target audience in a way to engage a reaction. Our aim is to deliver ideas to create a memorable TV Advert and ensure its Clear Cast ready.

Get Ready for Lights Camera Action!

We bring the talent together, whether it’s live action or animation the magic begins here with our on call team of experts. Our cost effective production team will deliver a stylish, professional production that sits happily punching above its weight for a local brand to station ontime. Production costs vary upwards from £2000. They may include stock video footage, live action, celebrity cast or royalty free music. Every detail of the costs will be sent for your approval from the onset ensuring the agreed budget is not exceeded.

The Media Plan!

Now we begin transforming the brief into an effective media plan, matching your key objectives to our competitor and sector analysis based on official BARB viewing data. We pinpoint opportunities for the most cost effective media combinations negotiating the best deals for your business. Media planning is crucial to the success of your TV Advertising campaign. Times of day, days of the week and programming on the regional channels are analysed to ensure a successful campaign is achieved.

Lift Off.

About a week before your go live date we will send a schedule of your airtime campaign. We still have time to fine tune the schedule and trade on your behalf. Once the schedule is signed off we ready to ramp up your social campaign. We can supply online video assets to promote your TV ad on your social media channels. This means you can amplify your offer with online trailers, more information and PR positioned around your air dates of your TV ad.

Once ‘Live’ we work to deliver the KPI’s set out through the continual monitoring of your campaign, referring to weekly scheduling and value position checks. The focus whether direct response TV or brand recognition TV Advertising has become even more powerful due to second screen watching.

Time to get in touch and see your brand on a TV channel now.

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