Television Advertising – Drilling down into the customer persona

customer persona

The best way to start your television advertising campaign idea should focus on your audience profile. The audience profile measures an individual on specific social and economic characteristics such as age, income and buying patterns.

To put it simply, your advertising campaign can’t effectively translate to every type of individual profile, as we all know advertising is an art form which in itself can be very subjective, but crucially, it can be adapted to successfully reach specific ones. At Redwood Advertising we understand the intricacies of these profiles and how advertising campaigns can be constructed to appeal to your ‘ideal’ audience.

Audience profiling is a fundamental tool in creating the right advertising campaign for your company whether it is gaining immediate exposure, developing your credibility, reaching new audiences, or enhancing your brand. By narrowing down your message to your ideal consumer, you’ll have a much better idea of where and how you want to invest and what your priorities should be. It’s a waste of time and money to target an audience that has no or little interest in your brand, but with a focussed vision and a defined target audience, the chances of profiting from your campaign will increase heavily. The process may seem daunting, but at Redwood we have strong experience in all areas of advertising and will be on hand to help you understand the goal you are working towards. We recognise what generates a response from a plethora of different audience profiles and importantly, what will drive consumers to engage with your company and the campaign.

As well as our expertise, there are some tools to help you to understand and identify your target audience, so you construct an appealing campaign:

The Broadcasters’ Audience Research (BARB)

Funded by the likes of BBC, Channel 4 and Sky, BARB accumulates television ratings and measures audience viewing behaviour. BARB is a particularly detailed tool analysing audience profiles; most companies normally examine 20 audiences- BARB measures hundreds.


SkyView studies 500,000 Sky household users and can boast impressive second-by-second viewing data. Furthermore, SkyView provides not only viewing behaviour analysis, but figures relating to purchasing behaviour which can play an instrumental role in the creation of advertising campaigns.


Not to be confused with the popular restaurant chain, TGI compiles detailed data surveys on attitudes and response to media, how respondents interact with products and brands, and what the respondents like to do in their spare time. TGI is particularly useful for creating detailed audience profiles by cross-referencing data available.

To learn more about these tools and how we integrate them into the advertising campaigns that we have helped to create, please contact us so we can help intelligently reposition your brand today.

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