When is the best time to advertise?

when is the best time to advertise

When it comes to maximising the effect of your advertising campaign, time is key. This can vary depending on the hour of the day, the time of the year e.g. summer or winter, or whether your targeting weekdays or weekends. To amplify campaign success, it is also important to study who your product or brand will appeal to and that audience’s viewing and purchasing habits. To put it simplistically there is no point running campaigns when your key audience is away at work.

Brand Elasticity

Awareness of your own brand’s elasticity throughout the year is key too. Some products, such as household essentials and music, have few limitations in that respect. However, many products have exclusive periods of the year where sales can increase heavily via a solid advertising campaign. For example, luxury products such as perfume and toys peak at Christmas. Often this notion is emphasised by the saturation of the market with seasonal campaigns, as bigger players focus their attention strongly on television advertising. Department store retailers like John Lewis and Marks & Spencer will also focus hugely on holiday periods with extravagant advertising campaigns. As a company, it’s important to pinpoint times of the year for a potential increase in buying activity. However, it is also essential to remind your target audience of your company throughout the year to sustain your brand over a longer period of time.

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