Oxford College of Business

Oxford Business College is an independent training and education establishment specialising in a large range of higher-level business management courses.  The courses offer an alternative route to a degree, postgraduate or professional qualification.  Situated in the center of Oxford the college attracts students from all over England and Europe.

Redwood Advertising undertaking is to increase awareness and push traffic to the website.  The college offers such a wide and varied range of courses available we evaluated a cross mix of ITV and ITV Hub audiences to capture the age range and demo graph across the country.  ITV alone would be an extremely high budget for the college. However, with the use of the ITV Hub, we can effectively campaign the message across a large region of potential students who watch TV on devices and not terrestrial TV.  The campaign airs this August on ITV Thames Valley and of course the ITV Hub.

“As newcomers to TV advertising, we needed someone to take our hand and guide us through the entire process. The input and expertise from the team at Redwood has been invaluable, and it’s been an exciting few months seeing our brand awareness grow as a result of our television campaign.


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