Why VOD? Video on Demand ITV Hub is the digital destination for all the ITV channels  ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, ITVBe and CITV online services across mobile, PC and connected TV. Live streaming of ITV is at the heart of the Video On Demand service, offering audiences

We have collected the most frequently asked questions about Sky AdSmart and hope this helps you to identify you are ready for TV Advertising.  So let's get started with the questions about Sky AdSmart.   When and where will Sky AdSmart commercials be available?  Sky AdSmart ads

Our April 2019 Sky AdSmart newsletter revealed some interesting case studies.  Take getthelabel.com and Sky AdSmart local Case Study who were looking to target very low to mid-high affluent parents with kids.  They also used  TECi segment targeting which indicated the use of devices and internet in

What makes Sky AdSmart so different from other TV Advertising Campaigns?  It's a UK First where SKY AdSmart can serve tv commercials to different sky households while watching the same programme. How can this be?  Find out more and contact us for a free quote. Sky

TV Advertising rates are broken into two main costs, creative element  (the cost of making your advert) and airtime (the cost of placing it on a tv channel). Airtime Media Costs - generally TV is bought and sold on a trade rate known as cost per

Why would we be interested in what the Modern TV family looks like?  Well, the Modern British family accounts for over 7 million households in the UK with the average family size 2.7 which is down -45 from 2006.  These changing family trends are down