At Redwood we believe in order to help brands grow and be successful, we must first understand the audience our clients want to engage with.  Building your brand and connection to your target audience is what we do well.  We have the insights into audience

Extract from Sky Sky Tv Channels are outperforming the total commercial TV in terms of growth despite the loss of Live Sport.  The 16 - 34-year-old audience cam back to TV in March and Sky News outperforms any other broadcaster news content.  Not only has the

In March ITV hub has seen a 15% increase in Monthly Active Users, this is an additional 18.6% increase in consumption house in comparison to the same period last year, as more viewers turn to trusted sources for information and entertainment.  ITV are offering 30%

Something positive to share during these unsettling times from Thinkbox. As our TV audiences adjust to more time at home, new weekly viewing report – updated every Tuesday - gives you the most up-to-date analysis of shifts and trends in TV viewing. This week (30 March-5 April)

London Underground is a prime example of OOH Advertising to reach mass audience during their daily commute.  Out-of-home (OOH) advertising reaches consumers when they are “on the go” in public places, in transit, waiting and/or in specific commercial locations, such as in a retail venue.